Better Tech: Balancing Automation and Human Expertise in Data Ops

MLtwist COO Audrey Smith and Better Tech host Peggy Tsai talk about machines, humans, and how successful AI models need both.

AI Exponential Thinker: Data Operations for Scaled AI

MLtwist COO Audrey Smith speaks with host Dr. Karoui about data ops, women in AI, and inclusivity…

Illustration of a video annotation tool

What Is a Video Annotation Tool?

Video annotation tools are a big part of a larger ecosystem of data labeling tools.

Health AI Symposium: San Francisco UCSF December 6-7, 2023

“HealthAI Symposium,” a French American Innovation event at UCSF.

David Smith speaking at Open Data Science Conference West – 2023 

MLtwist founder David Smith recently spoke at the 2023 ODSC West around GenAI…

You are working in Data Ops for AI? Wait, what do you do again?

I have been in Data Ops for 8 years, working on projects in every industry…

What does a Data Ops role entail?

As we all know by now, a very good model with crappy data, will get you…well…a crappy model performance.

Humans of AI with Audrey Smith, COO of MLtwist

MLtwist COO Audrey Smith recently spoke to Humans of AI podcast about data pipelines for AI, data quality.

AI Infrastructure Alliance: LLMs and the Generative AI Revolution

In September 2024, MLtwist participated in the AIIA’s event.

Data labeling operations in the context of AI

Audrey Smith spoke with Raghu Banda of in early 2023 about data labeling ops…

AI in Action E406: Audrey Smith, Chief Operating Officer at MLtwist

Scientists and engineers leverage MLtwist’s deep Labeling Ops expertise

Data-Centric AI: Why This Trend is Here to Stay 

Several months ago, MLtwist had the pleasure of participating in the TWIML AI panel on Data-Centric AI.

TWIML AI: Managing Data Labeling Ops for Success 

Data labeling has exploded over the past few years and businesses are racing to catch up.

MLtwist Talks to Future Fuzz: How AdTech is Shaping Marketing

When you think of ML, you probably think of a network of supercomputers…