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AI Data Pipeline Complexity
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                                                                                             Tuesday, June 25, 2024

                                                                                                 2pm ET / 11am PST


Everyone says they’re already doing AI, so why do your teams keep getting stuck on the AI data starting block? Getting data ready for AI is hard; according to Gartner, only 4% of companies say their data is AI-ready. 



Join us to learn how Sandia National Labs ran into this challenge when building AI for the TSA, and how they overcame it. Not interested in reinventing the wheel, Sandia instead became laser focused on breaking new ground for AI security, making air travel safer and easier. 

Sandia deployed MLtwist technology, powered by Google Cloud, which leveraged TSA Open Architecture to reinforce Sandia’s multimodal AI Data Pipelines.

In this webinar, you will learn:


– Sandia’s journey to tackle AI Data Pipelines.


– How Sandia rapidly deployed multiple AI data pipelines to ingest terabytes of data.



– The impact of AI data quality on models, and why Sandia took quality so seriously.


Sandia works with a variety of vendors who provide data, algorithms, and other AI services to support multiple Federal 


agencies’ missions. 


Part of Sandia’s role is to be “first out-of-the-gate” for difficult government R&D needs and to provide lessons learned from


those experiences. Discussion of partnership successes or failures does not constitute an endorsement of one vendor over









Meet our Speakers!

Andrew Cox is a Principal Member of the Technical Staff at Sandia National Laboratories where he has led the effort, along with a coalition of industry partners, to develop the technologies that will support open architecture and machine learning capabilities in aviation security. Prior to working at Sandia, Andrew worked for TSA where he worked on the development and roll-out of PreCheck and modeled terrorism risk analysis. Andrew is deeply committed to using Sandia’s unique status as a national laboratory to execute R&D, especially the development of more innovative/competitive markets in support of government missions.



Before founding MLtwist in 2021, David Smith held leadership roles at Oracle and Google. He is an expert in getting sensitive unstructured data ready for AI, and has launched first of kind complex ML/AI data integrations with industry leaders.

After spending 20 years in Data Center operations and advanced computing infrastructure, Steven Boesel joined Google as Cloud Architect and has been working with Federal customers to accelerate innovation for the past 5 years.

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