David Smith joins Future Fuzz Podcast to Talk Adtech, Data Labeling, and AI


Cannes – MLtwist is excited to announce that our very own CEO, David Smith, has made a guest appearance on Future Fuzz- The Digital Marketing podcast. 

As is often true, machine learning algorithms rely heavily on large amounts of data to learn and make predictions. This data is used to train the algorithms and to fine-tune their performance. However, in order for this data to be useful, it must be labeled correctly. With the continuous development of artificial intelligence, AI is increasingly being used in marketing to analyze and interpret data, allowing companies to deliver more targeted and relevant ads to consumers. The use of AI in marketing also raises important questions about data privacy and the potential social impacts of data around marketing.

Future Fuzz-The Digital Marketing Podcast-Ep.10 David Smith

Join us for this informative and insightful episode and learn more about how MLtwist’s data labeling can be useful for you.


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